Big Sailing Competitions

Sailing is a popular pastime among people of all ages and from all walks of life and a number of high profile sailing competitions are held in countries all over the world to celebrate this exciting aquatic sport. What follows is an overview of some of the world’s biggest sailing races.

Volvo Ocean Race

This impressive competition is a real show of endurance and attracts some of the best sailors from around the world. Formerly known as the Whitbread Round the World Race, the competition is held every three years in the month of October and typically takes nine months to complete.

Americas Cup

This extremely high profile competition is certainly not for the faint of heart and features a series of exciting races between some of the best sailors and yachts in the world.

Vendee Globe

This has to be one of the most challenging sailing competitions of them all as solo sailors set sail for a non-stop around the world trip. In addition to the challenge of covering the high seas alone, sailors also battle with loneliness and the chance of getting lost out at sea.

Other big sailing competitions include the World Match Racing Tour, the Antigua Sailing Week and the Louis Vuitton Trophy, while the Olympic Games also has its own sailing event.